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T oday

I Got My 1st Medal Ever
In Basketball
I Never Did Any Kind Of Sport Before
And I'm Not Really The Sporty Kind Of Girl
But When I Got It Around 3:00 Today
I Felt Special Inside
And So Different
When I first Put It On
It's 12:00 Right Now

And I'm Still Wearing It...

This is the life of illusion
Wrapped in trouble
Laced in confusion.
i wish he loved me 
Close your eyes
Clear your head
Let it go.

I lost control,

        and turned myself into

               a monster.
Many people say my name...
But.. when YOU say it...
I feel soo damn special(:.

Will you be my


if yes, smile.

if no, lick your elbow.

"...And I must admit,
I was never one for love;
But, for you I'd take the


Format by twilightgirl995

if anyone ever needs relationship help or just any help in general like if ur facing something thats an obsticole in your life just know that im always here for u. if u have a problem just comment on my profile and ill try my best to help u. And if i dont succeed then i will help u find other help. im there for u :)

I try & try & try so hard to be good enough in everyway but it's too hard. 

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