Quotes added on Monday, February 13 2012

so my guy friend was trying to get me to stop cutting and this is how our conversation went...i love my guy friend. <3
me: don't worry about it.
him: just please stop. okay?
me: give me a reason not to do it then.
him: okay, wait. *tells his brother to step out of the room*
me: uhh...
him: listen alexandria, i love you. you're my best lady friend and i care about you, so please stop.
me: *speechless*


So today i was with my girlfriend and we were talking i realised how much a bad guy her ex was he did lots of things to her such as lied to her, cheat on her, yell at her, mad her cry, i could go on forever this guy use to be my best friend i actually got him and my current girlfriend together last year at a school dance  well i vent about it later. I was having a talk with my moms boyfriend same happend with her and my stepdad and him and his ex wife. He was saying about how you have to forget the past and everything that ever hurt you because today could be your last day and you want to live it happy and fun he said to think about the future and the future you want to have  well i want to spend the rest of my life with my girlfriend even if things don't work out between us i'll still love her forever we had a not that great past but guess what i forgot all about it i just want to be with her and nothing else matters when i'm with her i want to feel like that all the time so if i could be with her forever that would be amazing =) 
I don't feel like venting to much but just wanted to tell you guys that if you had a hard past or a bad relationship just forget about it live in the present because your going to find your true love i found mine and you can too :) 

I Love You            
Meghan page williams :)
12-02-11---- Forever and ever <3   

And I think
I just may have
Fallen in love
With you..


Im calm and relaxed all the time because im always thinking about you.


best day of my life!

the day i got him back. got the best thing that has ever happened to me back! i love him so much!

guys, if you take a girl to go see the vow
you will get laid
i know i'm not that pretty
nor am i really smart
i know i'm not very skinny 

but i'm very great at art 
you see i paint this smile on my face
each and everyday just to make all my friends believe 
that "i'm okay"

Hey guys. Just wanted to ask. If anybody has a keek or twitter folllow me please!
keek: HoLLiStEr25BbY
twitter:@babygirl5126 (should come up jaamie kurkiann)

thanks guys love you all! please follow me ill follow back!

Follow? =) OTL


5 faves & I'll do these. 
dear best friend;
(5 faves)
dear crush;
(5 faves)
dear ex:
(5 faves)

dear enemy.
(5 faves)
dear the person i wish i was
(5 faves)
dear mom.
(5 faves)

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