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Before I die #12;

See simple plan, Hollywood Undead, Demi lovato,

Eminem && a bunch of other people in concert.



       I miss the days you held me                                            and the days I heard your voice. Us falling apart really wasn't my choice.  
I miss the days you hugged me, and the feelings we used to show.  
But most of all I miss the guy that I thought I used to know.

I Miss You,

Being in your arms,laying there for hours.
Ididn't care for anything else..You were my world
for that moment & i want it back.

Well that was my first.... obviously free verse... lol it sucks......
So a couple hours ago...
wesley said he was gonna send me flowers, but didn't have time to. and he was sooooooo depressed about it. he even asked to hang out. I said i would but I'm sick. He said "exactly. I wanna make you feel better. I know I feel better even when I'm just around you." and later, we're playing the infamous question game. I ask him what is his favorite thing at Spencer's-there's "play" toys, funny cards, naked women, skimpy outfits..the list goes on. What's his answer? "You." AH! oh how silly am I for not yet taking this boy?!  I promise, I will soon(:

You are now aware

that you have to yawn


You are now aware

of the ringing in your ears.


You are now aware

that you have an itch somewhere on your body.


You are now aware

that you are now breathing manually.


You are now aware

that you are now blinking manually, too.


You are now aware

that every time you swallow, you hear a little crackle in your ears.


You are now aware

that your nose is always in your peripheral vision.


You are now aware

that you are thinking of him.


You are now aware

that you are sitting with your legs crossed and your left hand on your face.


You're now aware

that I used a contraction this time.





I'm On A Sea Food Diet,

When I See Food,

I eat it.

Before I die #13;

Travel to France, Rome, Italy, Hawaii & some other

Me: Bye, mom! I'm leaving.
Mom: I'll see you at eight, WTF. :)
Mom: With Tremendous faith, dear.
Me: .....I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean that.

Before I die #14;

Get kissed in the rain.
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