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Im Going To Dare To Live,
Im Going To Live To Learn,
Im Going To Learn To Dream,
And Im Gunna Dream Big.

I don't know how depression took over me, it just did.

Knowing what a platypus was,
before Phineas and Ferb...


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Did i not ask you to hang out two days ago? Because i did. And you said 'oh yeah i don't think i'm doing anything this weekend.' all nice. all friendly. all excited.  Now i screenshare with this girl who's been giving me pain. I see you ask her if she can still hang out. oh yeah, thanks. and you tell me not to make a big deal of it? you know i have feelings too. you do something every weekend and i never do anything. god forbid i ask you and get my hopes up.


Me texting my crush...,

Me: Hey..

Him: Who is this

Me: Kara

Him: Get outta here

so now I just wanna go cry-__-

2009: I'm gonna meet Justin Bieber this year.
2010: I'm gonna meet Justin Bieber this year.
2011: I'm gonna meet Justin Bieber this year.
2012: If I don't meet Justin this year, the world is not ending in December.

Nice Teeth.
Reminds Me Of A Song.
-Really? Which One(:
Black And Yellow.

I hate the feeling when you don't really have any emotion.  You feel so empty.  You're not happy, you're not sad, you're nothing.  That feeling, when your mind is spinning but you just can't speak.

The akward moment.

When your cat decides..
While your sleeping....
To be a ninja and jump on your face... ;]


"Will we ever see each other again?"
"I don't  know."  The words burned my throat. "But I'm hoping we don't."
~Dear John
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