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Haha you know what?
I refuse to be sad because of you.
I'm not crying because it's over.
I'm smiling because it happened.
Yes, my heart is completely shattered.
But I'm not the one who should be upset.
You are.
Because you lost the girl who could love you the most.
Sucks for you.

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Lazy Test
Here we go.   
Do you skip over long numbers?
Do you "only" get 12 hours of sleep?
Do you watch stupid things on TV because you don't want to reach for the remote?

Did you take the time to read this entire question because if you didn't chances are you're lazy. So here we go with the question, did you just skip over this and look straight down? Because I would have. Oh there was the commercial for Tower Heist. Good movie. So yeah it looks like I'm just saying random stuff now. Blahblahblahblahblah. I'm enjoying typing this. Sort of. I'm a lazy person so this isn't that fun. Oh. I just lied. I said I enjoyed it. Well I don't. Guess what? I love red velvet cupcakes. And Mountain Dew. What's that? You do, too? Craziness. Okay. Well I'm bout to wrap this up. Okay? Kbye. So yeahh, did you read this whole thingg?

Did you read that entire question?
If you didn't, you're lazy, There we go. There's my little quiz. Kbye.

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Hey Wittiens, I'm going to make another witty Page and this one is going to have Just storys but I need a name for it. So if you have any ideas please comment!
Thank you So Much!!


guys need to grow up

I still feel like such a bad person. You deserve him and I don't. I dont know whats wrong with me. I have been being a bad friend to everyone lately.
Today I found a penny,
and it reminded me of you. Two faced. Worthless. And found in everyone's pants. 
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Open Question
Whenever I get bitten by my babby my arm turns red and starts shaking?

Whenever I get bitten by my babby my arm turns red and starts shaking. Help plz.


Answers  (3)

Ma'am, that's not a baby. That's a zombie. Please read this next part extremely carefully. It may just save your life. First of all, as hard as it may be, you must separate yourself and anyone you love from that baby. When -- no, if we find a cure, we'll come back for her, but right now, the priority is saving the entire human race. Once you have quarentined the child, you'll need to take care of the arm that was bitten. Tie a tourniquet around you're upper arm. Then, have someone grab an axe and server the arm just below the tourniquet. I know this may seem extreme, but the other choicie is becoming one of the undead. Finally, secure your house, ration your food and water... and start praying

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nmq nmf hahahahahahaha :)

*Post's a quote, get's 10 fav's*
*Looks at top quotes, see's the same quote with 1,000 fav's*
*Smashes head against computer*

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