Quotes added on Thursday, February 23 2012

That's it
 I'm done
I'm tired of being judged. 
& being upset
& regretting my mistakes.
I just want to curl up somewhere 
& cry out my tears.

Tears of worry & regrets,
tears of heartbreak and being misunderstood
I just want someone in my life who will actually care
Who will want to fix my problems
Someone who will finally listen to me.

I dont even know why I try anymore.

Getting soap in your eye and comping

with the idea that you might be

blind forever

but we're close to tears.

I Just Want to Yell "I Love You" But I Know you won't hear me. 

too young to notice,
and too dumb
Tip #10

When craving food you really shouldn't have, make a pot of coffee! The smell will quench your hunger. 

I'm afraid of getting close to you
                      Because im afraid of losing you</3

Close your legs ... I smell fish .

Hey there friends. Today I decided that I was going to be an advice giver! Any advie you need about heartbreak, friendship, boys/girls, love, family, loss of a loved one, drama at school or home, etc. You can also vent or talk to me about anything.

When your best friend loves someone, you can't just sit around and act like it's nothing.

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