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One Direction Fact #5

When he was younger, Harry was in the

band,"White Eskimo"

So I'm on a science team event with this really perverted kid. Let's call him "bob." There's another guy, call him "bill."

Conversation topics:

~bob walks in~: extremely inapropriate things that 13 year olds shouldn't know.

~bob walks out~~just me and bill~: SKIING!
Every. Single. Time.

Move on...
 It's just a chapter in the
p a s t,
but don't close the book,

just turn the
p a g e.

"My memory is so bad"
"How bad is it?"
"How bad is what"

Format by twilightgirl995

I bet no guy has the guts to write me a paragraph in my comment box on my profile that i will never forget. Girls, pass this on and see whos the nicest guy on witty.  
**becoming just another girl who won't get something and trying to hard.but i had to once**

Here's to the liars and the cheaters, and the cold mistreaters. To the mama's boys who can't make a stand. Here's to the superficial players. The I love you too soon sayers. If you hear me girls raise your hand.

Did anyone else get that "Marquees are deprecated" thing?

you are perfect for me. 

the people before you were just people who

walked in and out of my life. But you walked in and

now i dont want you to walk out..


I Really Hate It When Girls Say there In Love With This Boy Then About  2 Weeks Later Say there In love With another boy!!! It Really Annoys me!!

hakuna matata,
what a wonderful phrase
hakuna matata,
ain't no passin' craze
it means no worries,
for the rest of your days.......
it's a problem free
hakuna matata.

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