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Crying myself to sleep
Once again...


When I'm alone at night,
I tend to think about sad things that I know will hurt me.


Have you ever laid in bed hoping you'll wake up
In the emergency room hearing the words

"She isn't gonna make it."


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Today someone accused me of jocking a quote.
                                                     It was from Spongebob.

When you see someone pretty and you're like,



I just wrote her a very long text message telling her e v e r y t h i n g... Then;  i simply pressed delete. and replied with;
I feel like everybody else is pretty.
 And I'm just
a demented potato.

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lay: none;"> 

I just love staying up till 4 am talking to my best friend, even on school nites, then getting in trouble and not caring because it was worth it.

I may not have
the perfectsmile
cutest eyes
pretty face

or perfect body

but i do have a caring heart


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&& Nobody will remember me once I'm gone</3
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