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Dont you just love it when everything in your life is falling to pieces? :(

Family are yelling at me, friends arnt even REAL anymore, your bf doesnt FEEL like your bf anymore and whenever people ask if your ok and u say your ok, you wish that they would look you straight in the eye, say "YOUR not okay!!" and find you help or sit down and talk for HOURS about you.....

My life is broken and no one is helping me pick up the pieces :"""

We all tried to write with the hand we don't always write with.....<3

I have been contemplating on whether to get theKube2 or not. For those of you who don't know what it is, Kube2 is the world's smallest mp3. If I do want it, I can only get it when I go to Singapore by train. Online shopping is not on my to-do list and it is 15 dollars cheaper to buy it in person with Singapore dollars. A major concern to me is the battery, I heard the lifespan is very short, I should wait for a newer, revised version of it. I do not want to pay money for something that does not work well. If you've read this, what do you think?

When I look him in the eyes,
I can't help but get lost in them




When I hug him, I always try to hug him around his waist
Why? Because when I put my head aginst his chest I can
Hear his heart pounding so fast.


Beginning of a Relationship:

Roses are Red,
Violents are Blue,
Love never crossed my mind, 
Until till the day I met you.

End of Relationship

Rose are red,
Violets are blue,
You better be hiding,
Cause Im gonna get you.

Stalker: Ever feel like someone's watching you?
You: Yea, all the time. It's weird.
Stalker: Oh....Do you know who it is?
You: I have no clue.
Stalker: I think I do...
You: Who? 
Stalker: Me!

Be careful who your friends are. They might just stab you in the back.....

Revenge is the sweetest joy. ;*

Today iS

today, i want every one of you to tell someone
if you have ever harmed or thought about harming
 ** yourself.**
whether its a really close friend,
or a person you have never met
it doesn't matter.



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