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someone please help me.

everything and everyone would be better off if i weren't born. 

It's hard to grow
in a world where
you feel like you're
not pretty enough...




Allowing you to
stare at people
without getting caught,
It's like Facebook
in real Life.



Super White Girl Problems #118
Falling for your best
friend's brother.


What is Love? 

              Love is                                              when one
knows all your secrets, 

         all those deepest                          darkest secrets                          
  that no one else
in the entire world knows...
And yet in the end,             <3 <3 <3
       that one person does not think
                 any less of you;

even if the rest of the
                      world does. 


One Direction And Me
~3~ Short: 1/5

     ~9:00 Pm~ "June... could you get me a glass of water?" Harry asked, putting a hand on my shoulder. June was my nickname, since i was born in June. "Yeah." I opened the cupboard and got a tall glass. "Do you want tea or just water?" I asked. "Just water." he nodded at me smiling. I handed him the glass. "Thanks dear." he gave me a tiny peck on the cheek. "Good night." he chugged down the glass and went to their room. Louis came to the table fake crying. "My love killed my love!!" he wailed putting his head against the pigeons. "Jeez Louis.. it's already late. Cant you cry tomorrow?" i asked, cranky and tired. "Okay." he smiled and ran to the room.



Days like this, I don't know what to do with myself.
Have you ever wondered...
why do celebraties sound so good on live tv (or recodings) when normal people sound so crap

That awkward moment when...

You see a 3rd grader with a better phone that you...

yeah, i just love when he doesnt text back..
real cool                                  

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