Quotes added on Friday, March 9 2012

I FAKE a smile everyday,
I FAKE a laugh everyday,
I ACT like nothings wrong,
I ACT like im happy,and im 
pretty damn good at it 
considering i've been doing it my 
whole life.



is when i'm with you.
nmf. ♥


If skinny people
go skinny dipping,
then what to fat people
do? The chunky dunk?
{Just a thought}

She was/is my best friend, but she broke the number one rule and whent out with my ex boyfriend. We had been dating for almost half a year when we broke up. He called us both wh*res, b*tches, sl*tts you name it. Then one day I come to school and I am hat seems like the last to know that they are going out. She never even asked me if I was ok with it! I know what this boy can do, he tries to get you away from your friends. He's territorial and obsessive- controlling. An attention seeker. He tries to guilt you into things and pressures you to do more. And yet he said that he had allways loved her, and she believes him. She told me that it wouldnt get in the way of our friendship. I faked a smile and whent along with it. I just wanted her to be happy I had warned her but there was no changing her mind. Well my bday is coming up and she had promised to sit with me for lunch because we will not be seeing each other on my bday and this lunch was going to mean a lot to me. Her boyfriend my ex was welcome to sit with us as he allways is (which he almost never does). But today he got mad at her (as allways happens for the most random things so the girl spends their relationship trying to make him happy) and somehow me, so he wouldnt sit with us and he sat away. My friend thought that she could make him happier by sitting with him after she had promised to sit with me. I know this example sounds childish but this has happened so many other times, but she keeps chosing him (boyfriend for 2 months) over her friends and her best friend myself as of over three years. Im tired and I dont know what to do. I feel humiliated and Im holding so much back- I can barely talk to her anymore! I dont know what to do, can someone please give me advice?
This quote does not exist.
unicorn you jelly ? C;  

So she said what's the problem baby
What's the problem I don't know
Well maybe I'm in love
Think about it every time
I think about it
Can't stop thinking 'bout it♥
i can take a few tears
now and then and just
let them out, that dont
bother me, but , what
does hurt
the most was being
soo close and having
soo much to say and
watching you walk away.

not my format

What's on my bucket lis#3
Go to Paris, France with my boyfriend.


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