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Too much of you
is never enough♥


love that my boyfriend leaves
at 11:45p.m walks out the
door saying "
No i don't wanna go"

 love him

This quote does not exist.
Today we were playing around and doing trust falls... So, when Tony fell I caught him... Then he stuck his hand in my pocket, took my phone, and ran away.  lmao
♥Good timeeesss♥ 
I GOT EVANESCENCE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA SEE THEM LIVE THIS MONTH, ON THE 24!!!!!!! YAY!!

That is all.

Our convo. with my friend Samatha
I older than you!! HA!!!!
Meh: But I'm taller!!! HA!!!
Like a Boss! ;D 
or like Samantha says OWNED!!!! 

with XxHernandezlxX

*Guy Starts To Date Girl*
Guy's friends: Dude, Bros before hoes!
Guy: Shes not a f*ckin hoe, b*tch!!

Fave if you think this is cute [:

Love is,

a four letter word with more feeling then meaning



This quote does not exist.
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