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you know what will make my life?

being called beautiful/pretty by a guy that isn't my friend/someone i know .

so i wil know its true and not them being nice .
How is it possible that a seventeen year old girl is more mature than half of her family? 

How can one be so different from those they grew up with?

Why is it that people grow up too fast?

Why do we put up walls to keep people out?

None of these questions have a clear answer, and i'm sorry to tell you this but they never will. The answers all depend on the person answering them. My answers would be 

-A seventeen year old girl can be more mature becaise she had seen more, or has learned the deeper meanings of her parents teachings, not just the bland version of them.
-Growing up with someone doesn't mean that you react the same to certain situations. Ultimately your reactions to problems make you who you are, which makes everyone so different.
-Growing up to fast os a part of life, almost nobody can stay a child forever, the ones who deserve to be innocent are normally the ones who learn quicker, and therefore grow up quicker.
-I don't believe the walls are put up to keep people out, but merely to keep ones emotions in. Most of the time this is a normal response to trama or even just losing your innocence.

I'm sorry if those answers could not help anyone, but more can be explained when you search inside youself, for life is a
shade of grays.

I've turned into the girl I never thought I'd be, or wanted to be...
What happened to the girl I
used to know?What happened to make me like this?

Why do people have to get involved in stuff that isn't any of their business???? :/
I felt like nothing—less than. You changed that.
Repost this if you love your dad. If you don't he'll die in 12 days.
This quote does not exist.

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nd when that final piece drops, all the dreams, all the wishes, seem stupid in the final moments. We should have made the dreams come true, instead of waiting for someone to do it for us.
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