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I'm not going to finish Circles :( 

This story sucks to me, and I am quite frankly uninspired by my love life to continue to write this story.  plus i have other shtuff i needs to do.
However, if you would like closure to this story I will be glad to do so, so read the following:
Braden & katie don't end up together. at all. she misses her opportunity, and he gets bored with her because she's shy.  In the last scene that "game" they were playing doesn't end with a kiss, but a stare. wee. exciting. right? Braden ends up with a more suited girl, one who is more popular and liked than katie, so uh yeah. Again i'm very sorry, this apology is long over due but I was thinking about it today, and thought I should at least do something rather than fall off the face of the planet.
Hopefully, I will find a differnet source of inspiration and write something.   It will not be fandom, or a typical love story, because quite frankly I think those are very typical.  This is going to be a well thought out story, as long as I figure out exactly what it's going to be about. I hope all my lovely followers will care to read it.  It will most likely have to do with love, so please don't unfollow me.. thanks :)

I pack my bags, but i have no where to go.
But i know, i swear, by 18, i'll be gone.
Just you wait.

When Im Home Alone;
But I still would never cry,
No matter how hurt I am.


that dissapointing moment:

when you blow dry your hair...
and then find a wet spot

ill be probably be doing this to my girlfriend Liz
when i go out to Marines for my career next year
This is the most touching videos.
i watch this everyday.
i even cried all the time when i watch this(':

 I'm sorry I dragged you into my own personal Hell, it's 

just that I thought that you were the angel sent to

save me. 


I love you
Do you love me?

Format by Sandrasaurus


yes i am smiling,

 but you're not the reason anymore.
Your vs You're

Your = An object in possesion of a noun. 
Your cat is very cute. 
Is he borrowing your bike?

You're = A congunction of YOU and ARE; Commonly used to describe people. 
You're very pretty.
You're a nice person.

Get it right because there is a difference.                             -___-

Witty, I need your help.
If you  know anyone with cancer
could you please comment their name,
and witty if possible.

(50 names would be amazing)

It's going to be for a quote and project.
Every name will be included.
Also, if you could please favorite this quote
so i can get as many names as possible
it would mean the world to me.
Thank You.
(also if you didnt ignore this quote, thank you.)

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