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well yanno the feeling that you get when you see the person you would do anything, be anything for. i get a feeling that i can’t resist. he’s my gravity. my reason for living. his eyes are the blue sky that i wake up to in the morning. his body is my warmth when im cold. my heart beats for him and him only. no one else. he’s my everything. the reason im me. i love him with all my heart. march 14 five years ago we met. but yet my feelings havent changed for him at all. i still would bend backwards for him in any direction to make him happy. i have and always will love him<3

I really want a hug right now.

I really want a hug right now.

I really want a hug right now.

So my birthday always upsets me, because it never goes right...

Today, I turn 20. I was skeptic at first, but this group of people who I've known for a week are throwing me a party at school today...

My life is made.

Amazing friends come from unexpected places. <3
You are My Sunshine,
My only Sunshine You Make Me Happy, (:
When Sky's Are Gray
You'll Never Know Dear,
How Much I Love You. ❤ 
Please Don't Take My Sunshine away
Tonight is the first night in forever that I will be going to sleep with a smile on my face and its all because of HIM <3

I love you!<3

Oh, you liar


Sometimes you have to let go to see if they'll come back

This quote does not exist.
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