Quotes added on Friday, March 16 2012

me: "I love you" -_-
him: "what!?"
me: "I didnt say anything?"
my life....

Cleverbot: You're beautiful

Me: Aww thanks :) But you've never seen me

Cleverbot: I don't need to see you, you are 


NMF actually happend...Oh how I love Cleverbot <3

When dong projects ;
79% Witty
20% Facebook
1% of the project.


" i love you!"
" what?"
" oh nothing!" (crap that was close!)

all of the people who think this is about a guy and a girl.............. tilt your screen
                                                             YOUR WRONG!!!!


Wow..... Some preppy girl asked my friend if M.J. was a screamo band. That made my day :D


This quote does not exist.

Everything reminds me of you...

I wish I was born in the time before one-word texts

replaced loved letters. I wish I lived when people 

would rather fight for each other instead of with 

each other, and if something was broken, like a 

relationship, they would fix it instead of throwing 

it away. I wish old school love still existed.



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