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So, I noticed a lot of the girls on here have a "him"
Yeah, well is it possible for me to  have a "her"

Play before you get played leave before your left. 
                                    The Truth of Beauty 


                      I slowly start rising from my oh-so-very comfortable bed.
     I didn't really want to get up and seek what lies ahead in my miserable day.
First its school, wich i horribly hate. Then so on to go home and deal with my parnets.
Since they try to tech my things that i already know. So i take a nap basically.
And then i mostly have to await what happens when my sister arrives . . . .
My parents spoil her, it's not like they don't treat me good enough.
It's just we have a rivally. Soon I'm back into reality. I gather up my clothes from
my messily stuffed closet and slowly start to get dressed. My muscels are sore and I don't really want to move. But I force myself to move. I grab my plaid back-pack and head downstairs where my brekfast sits. I don't bother to even touch it, since i'm not a fan of poached eggs. I hear clip clapping of somebody upstairs. And I'm for sure its my mother getting up from her morning nap.  I scramble myself up and head into the bathroom to fix my hair, so it looks at least a little descent. By the time I get out I see my mother reading the news paper. I hear honking outside. Must be the neighbors I thought. I saw the clock. my mother looked up from her news paper article and started at my humbley. "I think you should get going honey," she said slowly. "Yeah i should, bye mom," i replied and gave her a hug and walked out. Even thought i barely live four blocks from the school, its a pretty long walk. I turn the corner and i stare in amazment of seeing the jocks, only about 10-20 feet away from me. I hold m breathe and hope they ignore me. "Hey great game dude," i heard on of them say. Still holding in my breathe i gather up barely any strength and walk past them. I think i brushed one of them on the shoulder because i heard "hey watch it you freak," and i just sighed. I tried to ignore them, but for me im the outcast here. I just moved her about 8 months ago. Right before the school year started. Since i didn't know anyone i was labeled the school's outcast. I reach the school and i walk inside. Squirming past people, and uncomfortably making my way to my locker. I absoultely hated my locker. It was next to Jessica the Queen of Morgan High. And were-ever she went, her crew did also. I sighed in frustration and bordum. I gather my notebooks: science,drawing,and social studies, along with my textbooks. I placed them on my right arm leaning gentley on my ribs. I closed my lock and headed to class. As soon as i thought it was safe to relax. Bam. My book went crashing to the ground and so did i after them. Clumsily i picked them up. Holding back tears the best i could. I noticed one of the jocks who weren't laughing. Actually a look of sympathy and worry in his deep green eyes. I saw him come up to me and he picked up one of my textbook. Preparing for eather having it flung somewhere or in the face i closed my eyes. After about 5 seconds i opened them to show a boy, slightly grinning with the most stunning eyes. "Hey you dropped you book," he said while scratching his neck. "Oh thanks," i said, feeling ym cheeks becoming warm. "Well, im Clark," he said with a light ivory/pink color sprouting up on his pale cheeks. It took me a minute to realize what was happening. "Oh im Amy," i said with i could tell red hot cheeks. "Mind if i walk you to class," he said clearly pointing out that wasn't and option. I nodded at him. The walk was mostly scilent. About 30 feet from the door he paused, "you don't talk much do you?". I shook my head slightly. "You really should. Your voice is very pretty," he said with a grin and a slightly cheerful look in his eyes. I looked to the ground smiling slightly and blushing magorly "Thanks," i said quietly. "Do you want a ride tomorrow to school?" he asked, not being afriad of an answer. "But people will see us. And dont you have a reputation?", i said nervously. "I dont care what the say or think it doesn't change how i  think and what i feel. So i'll pick you up okay?" I nodded slowly. Thinking this was a prank. All I have to do is wait.


Hey :] i just felt like writing something since i was inspired. And i will continue this story ;D

March 19th could've been our 3 month anniversary but I was dumped today.


I'm tired of missing you.


a sentiment which is born in love and which is
produced in
fear that the loved 
prefers someone else.


I was watching my dog chase his tail for

5 mins then i said " Wow dogs are

really easily entertained"

but then i realised what i had been doing

for the past 5 mins

n m q


when i see your face theres not a thing i

would change but the way im walking.



Dear Bears,

  Do You give your children stuffed bears? 

Sincerely, Curious

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm not a good friend.
I'm sorry I'm not a good sister. I'm sorry I'm not a good daughter.
I'm sorry i tried.


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