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If you chase your dreams

 and follow you heart 
The rest will come easily.

Now im climbing 
    the walls, but you

notice at all

                                                                                  One Direction

"You are my constant."

What name pops into your head? 

so my bestfriends dating my ex..
what a great bestfriend you are. 
1) Hold your breath.
2) like this quote.
3)Put this as your quote. (While holding your breath)
4) If you were holding your breath the whole time, You are a good kisser.


I wonder what he'll think when he reads my confessions.



I don't understand it. People make chain posts about being against bullies. And let me tell you something: bullies are followers. They pick on the 'weaker'. They copy off the vibe they get from the "popular kids" so instead of reposting a quote, be nice to people. SHOW THEM what it means to be a good person. SHOW THEM you're against bullying.

Dude, I wasn't that drunk! #67

Dude, I wasn't that drunk! 
Dude, you hired a detective when you couldn't find your beer!

This quote does not exist.
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