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I'a girl.. 
Get used to it...


Yes, i love him.
but i don't want " i love you " to just become another sentence ?
if you know what i mean, :s


Prep. Wh*re. B*tch. Ugly. Fat. Awkward. Emo. Annoying. Drama queen. Selfish. Fake. Unpopular. Quiet. Weird. A mistake. Stupid.

Stop labeling me. Words hurt. I'm already an insecure mess, do you have to go and tear me down?

can become
best friends
just as easy as
best friends
can become


hey im new too witty :) someone message me?

  Fave If you think this is  wrong My boyfriend keeps telling everyone i'm his sister not  his girlfriend when we have been dateing 10 months!!!!



Alejandro by Lady Gaga

Format by Sandrasaurus

I want that moment:
When you are so mad at your boyfriend, then you turn around to go but he grabs your arm and kissess you.

Dear girls,
  Some of us guys are as dumb as thin air. Sometimes we make you feel bad because we love you. Some of us will act like we hate you but we don't because we really love you......


A new day comes with new promises and challenges, to be your own self through the changing times, you have to cherish your old relationships, always!

And I stare at the phone, he still hasn't called.

And you feel so low you feel nothing at all.


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