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When a cute guy says something to you

and your only response is an awkward smile

and a laugh that sounds like an out of breath golden retreiver

Who knew Anna watch would, be so awesome.

He's the first
one I talk to when I wake up in the mourning and the last one I talk to before I close my eyes at night. He's the reason behind my smile. He's the one who sees the best in me, while others only see the worst. He's the one who was always there for me when everyone left and is the one who tells me "I love you" everyday. No, I'm not talking about a silly guy, I'm talking about God. 

- nmq.

What's wrong with me?"

Millions of girls ask themselves this question every SINGLE day.


It's horrible, just because there's people who like to point out every single flaw.
I want to make a movement. When you feel alone because you feel alone and no one knows how you feel, look on this list.
Each girl that reads this. I want you to post your biggest insecurity about yourself.
It'll become a list. I just want to show each and everyone of you that you're not alone.

1. My weight.
2. My weight
3. My weight.
4. My weight.
5. My flat chest
6. my face
7. my belly flab
8. everything.
9. my acne. my belly fat. my annoying huge boobs. yes people, big boobs are annoying. you don't want them. <- I agree. big boobs suck << I second that notion... they are more of a nusience than a benefit 

10. my smile.
11.i can never make everyone happy.
12. my face.
13. Everything. My nose, my bridge is big. My mouth, its gross. The shape of my face. My feet, oh god, does anyone have attractive feet? . My dry hands. My flat chest.
14. my weight, and yes there are girls who say their weight and in all reality they are perfectly find. I'm overweight, and I always have been.
15. my weight. and i HATE my chin so much..
17.i hate alot of myself - my height, im really small and people call it cute i hate it-i always seem to f**k things up-ive got natural really rosey cheeks so it makes look like a slag-scars on my chin-bags under my eyes and because i rub them it makes my eyes swell up-the fact i feel unwanted, unheard-i can be a pushover-ifall for things to easily- i beleive every bad thing that happens is my fault...
18. My flat chest; my acne; my hair; my weight- yes I know, everyone tells me I'm skinny, or too skinny or whatever but only I see how I look beneath the clothes that I so carefully choose to look flattering- so yes, my weight; my thighs; my posture; my height; how weak I am; my inability to grow my nails so they look nice; my complexion; my short temper; how I push my friends away when I'm really depressed; my asthma; how I can never make anyone happy (including myself); how I feel like nobody wants me around; how I swear too much; how I wear clothes that 'aren't me' so I fit in; how easily I'm pushed over the edge; me. That's all I can think of at the moment, but I know there's more.
20. My eyes, my big hips, my legs, my boobs which dont seem to be in proportion to the rest of my body, my teeth.
21. My weight, thighs, face, hair, arms, legs, feet, my teeth never seem to aline, my voice, nose, mouth, cheeks... everything about me really. I guess I'm never good enough.
22. My weight. My chubby cheeks. My hair=bush. My cheekbones or lack thereof, my un coolness, my ablility to go red when somebody popular or a teacher or adult talks to me or when I exercise. I will never be like the person I want to be...ks...I'm not clever, I am not good at making friends, or balancing them at least. I hate my fat body. I am not rich..I hate with every single atom in my body.
23. My hair, skin, hands, teeth, legs and face 

24. my flat chest
25.my knees!

26. My teeth, they are crooked and bucked! also my weight, im 90 pounds but not by force! naturally but SKINNY DOES SUCK PEOPLE!!
27. My weight... just a little, my freckles... people say they are cute but i dissagree, my hair has a habit of frizzing with the slightest moisture in the air, but most of all... i hate my scars... girls, dont EVER cut. i dont want to any other girl to have to go through what i did... i caused more problems than i fixed... i have massive raised scars all on my legs, i cant wear a bikini, i have them on my wrists too and people see them... just DONT DO IT!
28. My weight, thighs, stomach.
28.  Can't remember things; My legs; my butt; My eyes; my nose; my chin; my arms; my hair; inability to loose the weight I have; reputation; Allergies; speed...

Good joke, now wait until it's on you ♥
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Up, up and away,
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If you live life wishing you could change the past, nothing comes of it, there’s a reason why the past is the past and why its called the past. you can’t rewind, so instead of living in regret, use a thing called the present and the future, to learn from those regrets and grow into the person you want to be. love and be loved, forgive and forget, laugh til you cry, enjoy the ups and embrace the downs

Seeing a cute guy in public & trying to act like you don't notice him while you awkwardly stalk him...
I draw the pictures on my arm and you're keeping those pictures drawn with Sharpies from being permanent drawn with blood...
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