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Wow.. Prom is so soon, and I am lame enough not to have a date wow. The thing is I like this guy but he goes to a different school and we work together every so often and we were supposed to work together tonight, and we didn't I work with his sister. But why would he like me? He is a basketball star... and I'm just a 4-H gir. When ever we work together though he teases me like no other, and makes bets against me. Why would he even think of liking me? I am not pretty, I don't wear make up, I don't try to look my best.. ever. Why woud he even think of liking me? Even when I like him so much. :'( What should I do?


 People say you 
don't know what
you've got till
it's gone.Truth is,
you knew what you
had, you just never 
thought you'd lose it.     

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Now you're just somebody

that I used to know

What doesn't kill you, only postpones the inevitable...


Don't let people label you.


I don't like her
Because she sleeps with guys but isn't married
I don't like him
Because he is gay
I don't like her
Because she got an abortion
I don't like him
Because he supports gay marriage
I don't like her
Because she is religious
I don't like him
Because he doesn't talk to anyone
I don't like you
for judging people on personal choices
that don't hurt anyone else
If you don't like something that doesn't effect you

Don't do it.
Don't judge
people for it.

when they say you are ugly.
Don't you ever believe that for a second.
Because you're all beautiful
don't let anyone say that you're not.


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Why can't I stop

thinking about you?

Why can't I be good enough for anybody....?

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