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I wake up so early on the weekend. 
But I sleep in on Monday, leaving me five minutes to get ready for the day.

Just more proof that weekends hate me.
This quote does not exist.
Ok, I might start posting another story, its gonna be a One Direction fan fic, but I am not going to abandon Silent Noise, so dont worry my patient readers! I shall not create something and not finish it! Lol I just am having some SERIOUS writers block for that particular story... So please ANY ideas you have TELL ME!! Please!! Lol
NCIS #58

Abby: I'm pregnant, McGee. Twins. I haven't told the father yet. It's Gibbs. I know it's wrong, but there's something about his silver hair that gets me all tingly inside.

Tony: Excuse me, I think I'm going to vomit.

Abby: I'm joking, Tony. Except for the part about Gibbs's hair. That is really hot.

Tony: What seems to be the problem Abs?

Abby: McGee's ignoring me!

Tony: Easily fixable.

[slaps McGee on the back of the head]

McGee: Ow! What was that for?

Tony: Don't ignore Abby; she's sensitive.

Today I went to a One Direction Concert,
 They showed so much dedication to the crowd.
 Niall: You guys are amazing
Liam: Yeahh, I agree.
Zayn: Yes, they're.
Louis: Justin Bieber Is Jealous. *winks*
Niall: Woahh lad to far to far.♥

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Friends-no definition your friends do that for you my friends make that deffenation like a novel and will still make it longer <3

Am i the only one who is in love with

Finnick Odair?

Tonight i'll go back to the ways,
 of crying myself to sleep... 




You're playing spin the bottle with 1D, but instead, they ignore you and get caught up in their bromances leaving you to be forever alone.♥

nmq/nmf -Tumblr- 


what people say:

You're so pretty/gorgeous/beautiful/etc.

what i say:

Oh, thanks! :)

what i think:


so i guess that's why all the guys look at my like i'm

from another planet?



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