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sometimes i wonder why
i'm still waiting.


I'm trying to be a sensitive father, you unwanted moron.
~Homer Simpson

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     My heart has been broken many times, but the day i met you, you fixed it all again..

April Fools isn't as funny when its on the weekend


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I can't wait until we video chat and you sing and play me this surprise song.. :]

I bet you're amazing at singing.


"I'm Perfectly Fine"

                        .i wish.


When everything goes wrong,
all  at  once,
&   it   feels   like,
you've   been   hit:
y   a   s.

Sometimes I wonder,

what I would see if I looked into

the mirror of Erised


Forever- chapter 2
As the day went I felt a tug at my shoulder, i was scared to turn around in fear it would be the CC's.  I took a breath and turned around, thankfully it was only Audrey and some guy.  She then said ''Cathrine, this is Zeeke, my bestfriend.'' I smiled. ''Nice to meet you Cathrine.'' Said Zeeke and then he smiled as well.  We both shook hands and the 3 all walked to lunch, After a few minutes of silence Audrey spoke inviting me to go to a party at her brothers friends house. I was a little nervous to answer, but without thinking i said yes.  She was excited.  I only knew her half the day and i already got a new friend. I smiled at myself for that. 
After the school day, Audrey told me she will have her brother pick me up around 9pm. I was sorta excited at the fact that i was already going to partys. She todl me to were something out going, fun, and a dress.
After i got home i asked my mom, and of course she said yes.
I went up stairs and looked for an outfit for about an horu and a half. This is what i'm going to wear to the party tonight-
I was almost done getting ready, when my mom yelled for me saying that Audrey and her brother were here.  I was gettign sorta nervous..
But as soon as I got in that car with Audrey and her brother i would regret it..
I walked outside to go to her brothers car and i saw Zeeke as well.   Audrey was wearing -
She grabbed my arm and threw me in the car excitingly.  She seemed really hyper, at school shes totally calm. I laugh at her how shes so exciting.  The whole car ride there was all about The CC's.  I was hoping they weren't going to be at the party.
 When we got there, every one just stared at us. it smelled like alchol.  But i knew better to drink. I am only a Sophromore.  And her brother is a Senoir. I sticked by Audrey and Zeeke the whole night. But when they decidied to go dance and go get something to drink, i decidied to go to the bathroom, but i couldn't find it. So i was just wandering the house. Without me noticing i ran into someone.  A guy, a very cute guy.
 He turned around, looked me straight in the eye and said 'Whoops sorry, am i in yoru way?'' I was staring at him and then i said ' No, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to do that.'' He just smiled, and stared at me for a second and said ''I think i've seen you around school, my name is Connor, and yours?'' I was smilign as well.  Then said ''My name is Cathrine, yeah, i think i've seen you a little at school.''  We had a normal conversation and we decided to exchange numbers, and he told me he would text me tonight.  After an hour or so i finally found Zeeke, Audrey and her brother.   They said it was time to go.   But right as Audry and I were leaving to go to the car, we saw the CC's.   Nadine came right up to me, and spilled her soda right on my head and screamed in my ear ''Dumb bi*ch, Don't talk to Connor, thats MY boyfriend you stupid little hoe.'' I didn't even relize i was crying.   Everyone was surrounding me and Audrey.  Audrey grabbed my arm and pulled me to the car.



Turn On # 1 :
Virgin boys (:


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