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I kind of really really really wanna snog your face of.

* * * **

So right now I just feel kind of

  * * * **


  ***** *****  
I can't wait to be tan again.


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Funny, Sad , and True...

(same guy in both stories)

Funny part: I had this really BIG crush

on this guy in preschool. His sister was

bestfriends with my sister. I would always

go over to his house and watch Shrek

One day we were playing with legos and

his sister came and pushed him I really

liked this kid so I fell down by him. I

his cheek . He ran to his mom screaming

'COOTIESS' i was really embarassed.

The sad part: He didn't like me. He liked my 

best friend. Once in 1st grade we had a

mini dance in our classroom. I was there all  

Hedidn't even bother to look at me.

He knew that i liked him. Instead he went

up to my
bestbestbest friend and asked

her to dance. For the whole thing i was

sitting there all alone just looking at them

partying and dancing.
Broke. My. Heart.

As the days passed on I moved. Never to

see his face ever agian. As I looked at his

pictures. I thought to myself. Why would I

ever like him? And  think if he still

remembers me.






At home: 

Me: Hey mom, can we have some more sauce? 
Mom: You know how much that cost? We have to stick with the 
same amount every meal! 

When friends are over:
Mom: Hey girls, wanna go to the fanciest restaurant in town?
Me: -_-


When a couple breaks up & their relationship status

goes from "in a relationship" to "single", why do people

like it? That person is suffering. Yeah, you are nice..


Baby you light up my world like nobody else.

The thing is you don't love me back

But I don't care. Not at all.
I still love you no matter what. 

I wish cancer
got cancer and

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