Quotes added on Monday, April 9 2012

When i was little, the cuts i got were scraped knees from falling off my bike.
now, their from razors from society and people who make me hate.

*~ every scar has a story behind it.~* 


Your falling, your screaming
Your stuck in the same old nightmare
He's lying, your crying
There's nothing left to salvage
Kick the door cause this is over
Get me out of here

There's only hate
There's only tears
There's only pain
There is no love here
Oh so what will you do?
There's only lies
There's only fears
There's only pain
There is no love here
Tell me what will you do?

Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in
and everybody
believed in you?

everyone cares when its to late
Forget the makeup
Forget the dress
You are Beautiful

never ignore someone who cares
 for you because one day you'll realize you lost a diamond
 while you were busy collecting pebbles.


these are the kinds of nights that i never want to end<3

Where did I go wrong?
-Demi Lovato


 d o n ' t  l e t  a  b a d  d a y 
m a k e  y o u  f e e l  l i k e 

y o u  h a v e  a  b a d  l i f e.

I guess I will never really understand why you feel the way

you do, but just remember I will always be here for you♥



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