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Having 20 girlfriends isn't "swag",

having 1 girlfriend and 19 girls chasing you is. ♥

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Super White Girl Problems #284
When your
version of being "tan"
is most people's "pale".


Treat your girl
like a

.....But it's okay because he said my picture that I'm drawing for a project is good, like really good. XD

I was thinking bout taking a shower....
But then relized its 11 pm
So that idea went out the door :/
Jen <3


The happiest people,

Are the ones that really need the hug.


By My Side
Chapter Eleven
Ian's POV:

"Okay, Ian, you go first." Drake said, smirking slyly at me.
I glared at him before he said, "Truth or dare?"
He was definitely doing that on purpose. No matter what I said, I wouldn't win.
If I chose truth, he'd say something having to do with the fact of my feelings towards Kendall.
And if I said dare, it would still have something to do with that.
No matter how much I did want her to know how, in these past few weeks, I've liked her more than I should, I couldn't tell her.
We were friends, and once one person's true feelings come out, things begin to become weird between them.
But, hey, choosing dare, didn't mean I had to tell the truth, right?
I leaned back on my hands, and finally replied with "dare."
Drake paused for a minute, tapping his chin as he thought of the perfect dare for me.
Why did I even tell him anything in the first place?
Oh that's right, I didn't, Liam opened up his mouth first to his Drake, knowing he'd use it against me.
This is why, most of the time, I hope when my brother leaves for college, he stays there.
"I dare you, Ian, to kiss Kendall." Drake finally said, smiling as he knew he'd won.
I leaned my head back, and let out a quiet groan of frustration.
Well, this is going to be a little awkward, now isn't it?
I looked back up, to see Kendall looking at each of us confused.
I sighed, and shrugged, as a small smile formed on her face.
"Whatever, just get this over with." she giggled, showing off her perfect white teeth.
There was just something about her that was, different than most others.
"Hello, Ian?" I heard her voice say, followed by a few snaps in front of my face.
"huh, oh, hi." I said, quickly coming back to reality.
"Don't tell me you're scared to kiss little ol' me." she said, batting her eyes innocently.
Come on, Ian. Just do it. This could be one of the few chances you have at this. Take advantage of it.
"Am not." I said, before placing my hand behind the back of her neck, and colliding our lips.
You know those cheesy love stories where sparks fly when the boy kisses the girl? Well this was nothing like it.
It was as if the entire world fell to pieces, and we were the only two left, together.
It may not sound like much, but believe me when I say, it was the greatest feeling.
The way her lips fit perfectly with mine, proved that we certainly had a connection.
Neither of us could deny that, no matter how much we'd want to.
After what felt like seconds, but what must have been at least a minute, we broke free from each other.
I tried my hardest to fight back the smile tugging at my lips, but instead, I let it win.
"Wow." I said quiet enough for only me to hear, breathless.
Kendall stared at me, in an expression I couldn't quite make out.
She looked over to Drake, then me, and paused.
After a few seconds, she opened her mouth to speak, but that was before her mother's voice cut her off.
"Alright you four, let's get going!" she smiled, pulling on her coat.
Kendall and I stared at each other for another second, before getting up, and immediately walking to her car.

The car ride home was extremely quiet.
Maybe it was the fact that it was near 1 a.m., and both Kendall and Caleb were asleep, with Drake and I nearing it.
Or maybe it was the fact about how I didn't hear anybody, all I thought about was that kiss.
I know this sounds cheesy, like I'm just another lovesick teenager, but once you experience something like that, it's hard to not think of.
I looked down at my shoulder, where Kendall was asleep, letting out soft breaths as she dreamed.
I couldn't help but smile, there was just something about her that made her so perfect.
Maybe it was the way how, when she smiled, her eyes twinkled, even if the lights aren't bright.
Or even how no matter what she went through, he hair seems to always look perfectly intact.
"Ian, since it's late, just let your mother know you'll stay with us, if she's awake." Kendall's mom said.
I looked up at her, and thanked her, before looking over to Drake.
He smirked at me, nodding down at Kendall.
"Don't worry, Ian, you'll thank me one day." he laughed.

-This chapter was short that I hoped, but I couldn't go much else, oh well!
I wanted to finally do an Ian POV, so I'm glad I did!
And as you guessed, this is the story I'll (hopefully) finish!
By the way, the first chapter is readded before this one since I accidentally deleted it:)
Enjoy! Let me know if you want more


"Fav if you agree."

Don't tell me what to do.



Super White Girl Problems #285
When old men
check your out.


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