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Your Hott...
I'm Not...
Oppisites Atrract...
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


   "Weird Part of Youtube"

the part of youtube where one encounters very odd videos, such as the retarded running horse, retarded dog, and drunk squirrel.
How da hell did I get to the Weird Part Of Youtube?

T h i s     h a p p e n s      t o      m e      a l l      t h e       T i m e 



&what kind of game do you think you're playing
with a girl so fragile and pure?
i don't know if it's getting better,
or if i'm just getting used to the pain.
When Your Fifteen & somebody Tells You They LOVE you, Your Gonna Believe Them.</3
This quote does not exist.
fave this if you would read this story.
 My name is Ella, i'm 14 years old. I'm pretty much the average teenager. I hate school, love shopping, I do Cheerleading, & i obsess over boys. But, there's this special guy. His name is Ryley. I met him at a fun fair through my friend Ashley. He is perfect. He makes me feel like the most special girl in the world. But, he lives over an hour away where my friend Ashley lives. I wanna stay with him, but will it work?

It would be called "HIM <3"

Everyone says that the girls that call themselves fat are just looking for attention...
 But sometimes they need someone to make them feel better about themselves.
Don't judge someone you don't know what they are going through.


I was told to "go cut and gain confidence"
I've never cried so hard.
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