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*Me and my mom reading a magizine*

Mom: "Ooooh lets look at your horoscope sign."

Me: "Ehh.Ok."

Mom:"Hmmm...Oh,Here it is!"

Me: *Reads it* "It says I get angry easily..."

Mom: "Well,maybe it..."

Me: "NO I DON'T!*Screams and throws magizine onto the floor* *Breathing Deeply*

Mom: *Looks freaked out*

                  [ I think I scarred her for life ]
You have a BEAUTIFUL, FAITHFUL GIRLFRIEND...Why throw that away for some wh*re?
MAY THE {Mass x Acceleration} BE WITH YOU

 fave for what One Direction 
name goes with yours




Every Rose has it's Thorn

Hum Da Allah!
~Praise God

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" Ehh. Who am I kidding? Words will ALWAYS hurt

"That awkward moment when..."

You walk into your closet, and instead of finding Narnia, you find Justin Bieber. 
n m f

To all the middle school girls that need a little help surviving school:

-Read Please- Soo..I Dont Get On Alot Because I Have A Life I dont Spend It On the Internet Im Very Busy Evreyday Because Im JustinBieber. Thats Fine U Dont Have To believe Me. I Have Been Getting Hated On Here. So Um Im Leaving. Comment If U Want me To leave Fave If U Want Me To Stay. But Of Course Its Gonna Be Comment Because Apearently I Guess Im Fake. But Who Cares I Know Im Real. When My Believebers I Love You! Bye ;D

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