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When your mom tells you to clean your room...

30% Dance and Sing to the Radio

70% Play With New Things You Found


you need to like people for who they are. you need to eccept their flaws.
you can't expect people not to be who they are. and if you just ignore
their flaws, well, then you really don't like that whole person. you just like
the perfected idea of the person. but that isn't who they are, not at all.

I <3 my Jellybean
"The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed."

you never really live
until you find something
worth dying for.

Those Girls                        
-That allways look perfect without trying
-That are naturaly funny
-that can talk to teachers without their voice getting stuck
-that attract about 100% of the boys population
-That allways dress perfectly and their hair allways falls just the right way
-That can say something without looking and sounding like a ddork
-that you compare yourself to.

Knew that, Knew that, Knew that...

Perfect Late Night Text #1
...Will you
marry me?
...Will you
stay by my side through everything?
...Will you
be my one and only forever???

i   hate  seeing

my best friend cry 

Flyleaf Things #13
The single/video for one of the tracks off the new album comes out April 22 :D

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