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Oh How I Wish...
Chapter 6
(A One Direction Fan-fiction)

"ROSIE, ROSIE WHERE ARE YOU DARLING!?" Oh, no. My mom, this was not good. "Oh there you are, oh, who's this dashing young man?" he studered. "Rosie, dear, she's had a little too much to drink." "Really mom, really, now out of all times possible, NOW you decide to get drunk?!" "No, no, really, I'm fine! Let's go sweetie, I feel a little sick." "Oh my god, oh my god, Harry, I'm so, so sorry! I'm so embarrased, I need to get her home." I started to help my mother up when Harry did something totally sweet again. "Rosie, what's your last name?" "McDonald, why?" I questioned, still helping Lorriane up. "Mrs. McDonald, hi, I'm Harry, and I know nows not the best time, but I'd like to take out your daughter on a date here in the city, is that okay?" I knew she was uncapable to think, so I chimed in, "Susan, could I? You could take her home my dad should be back by now, oh please!" "How will you get home, we don't live around here, and you're a bit young to get home alone at night on a train." she said. "I'll get her home, I promise, here what's your cell number, I'll take it and I'll let you know everything. I have a driver, and I can take care of everything, please, it would really mean a lot to me." he said. "Well. okay, but Rosie, anything happens, call me asap, you hear me!" "Yes, thank you Susan." I hugged her tight, she was like my aunt, and then she winked as she left with my mom, but then ,my mom stoped, dead in her tracks. She turned and said "Harry, she likes you alot and-" I cut her off, "Okay, bye mom!" And they walked away, out of sight. "And I want your number as well." he said with a wink. "Hey, asking for a girl's number before asking her on a date, hm, is chilvery dead?" I said sarcastically. "No, he's down the street." I couldn't help but laugh out loud to that. I faked clearing my throat as a sign for him to ask. "Oh, right." he got down on one knee. "Rosie McDonald, will you go on a date with me, Harry Styles?" To make things more dramatic, I answered in a Southern accent, "Why, of course I would Harry, what'a genle'man you are!" I said. "Oh nice, what else can you do?" Then I showed him my british accent, it seemed apropreite. "We don't say, 'Fish and Chips with the Queen' where on earth did you get that?" "Movies, duh. Haha, in my defence, I'v never been to England. Right then a song came on the speakers. "Looks like you're up, go on, preform for me, you know it better than I do." I said. "There aren't any poles around, Rosie." I laughed hard at that one too. "Well I do know another version, if I could tell you." "Or you can sing it? Come on, it'll be fun." So I stood up and started the version I'd seen online. "We're insecure, we know what for, We're not Danielle, 32, or Elenor-or-or!" We both laughed. "Oh my god, that's so funny, but you aren't 32, but I still like you." We had another moment of eye contact, but I didn't mind it. "So this date sucks, when are we gonna' have some fun!" I said. "Let's get out of here." he said. We walked to the front, then when we turned the last corner he stoped me. "Rosie, are you okay, with that big window, where all those girls can see us? If you're not I can ask to sneak out the back." "No, no, I'm fine, let's go." Truth is I wanted all those girls to see me with Harry, is it so wrong to want to be "that" girl? We coninuted, and we rached the window. I heard screaming, louder than ever, I saw girls crying, laughing, but most of all, death stares, all at ME. I saw the ocasional smile, but not many. "Harry, wait." "It's okay, I promise, I won't let them get to you." He then held my hand, and louder screms arose. Then one girl screamed, loud enough for us to hear, "Everyone, he doesn't like her like that, why would he?" I almost burst into tears right then and there. I could almost see smoke coming out of his ears. "Oh, really?" he said. Then he kissed me right on my hot, red cheek. Girls went crazy. I felt so much better, and that proved that girl, but the excitement wasn't great enough yet. "You missed." I said surprisingly sexy, which I never am. He smiled at that. "You take too long." I said and I kissed him ,right smack on the lips. After a second, he started kissing me back. Girls went absolutly INSANE! Girls tweeted, jumped into the window and some tried breaking in. After a minute, we were both smiling so much, we were forced to stop. Things got so crazy, we ran out the back and into his driver's car.

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If i ever met a celebrity the first question i would ask then is "what do you do when somebody in the room yells act natrual" 

                   "Some people don't understand the
                 promises they're making
                      when they make them."
                            "Right, but you  
                  keep the promise anyway,
                       because that's what love is: 
                            love is keeping
                                       the promise anyway  .                  
                      - the fault in our stars.

Like One Direction Once Said,

Thank you for

showing me

Who you are


Now we know who you guys really are
Judgemental, Hypocritical and many more.

Thank you witty, for not letting us be us
some where there is someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presents that life is worth while so when you are lonely remember its true some body some where is thinking of you

Non-Directioners are just as bad as Directioners
There are half as many anti-Direction quotes as there are pro-Direction quotes. This is insane! Everyone chill out. Non-Directioners are just feeding the problem. Posting nasty quotes about them doesn't decrease their number. It increases it! Non-Directioners shut up, and Directioners just stop it. You aren't going to get Steve to stop the quotes, that would be a major blow to the website, but can we just stop it? 
Clean and Simple.

Him: Hey I just met you
         and this is crazy
         but heres my number
         So call me maybe..(;

Me: *calls*
Phone: "Hello this is rejection hotline-*


One Direction Fact #1  
Harry's musical heroes are The Beatles & he's also a huge colfplay fan.[:


This quote does not exist.
one of my bestfriends kissed me the other day, like, we were making out in the dark, and she said, dont tell anyone, i said, are you bi? and she said, just curious.
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