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I'd still be a virgin if it wasnt for the x factor.
- Harry Styles <3

Everything I missed before

Drake <3
'Sweat pants, hair tied chillin' with no make up on, that's when your the prettiest i hope you don't take it wrong.'

They don't love me.
  They only know me when they need me

When I was little,
I would curl up into a ball and let my dad spin me really fast.



I Hate it when... 


The girls in movies jump into a convertible
and their hair flys back all perfect!
I getin my jeep and my hair goes from gorgeous to 

A lipgloss filled fuzzball


OK, this has gotten on my last nerve, and I'm putting it under funny so everyone can read it.  

Whatever this "No One Direction Day" is, all it's done is caused problems.  People are making this a competition!  Honestly, I don't mind the 1D quotes, and I'm a Directioner, but I mind the fact people are making quotes like this: "C'mon Directioners!  Let's make all the One Direction quotes overflow Witty!  Just keep posting 1D quotes on 'No One Direction Day'!"  that's RIDICULOUS. Witty is supposed to be one family of Witty sisters, not Directioners vs. Non- Directioners!  Honestly, if I was Steve, right now I'd ban all 
quotes about One Direction.  And it's not the One Direction quotes that have changed Witty, it's how people are reacting to them and how now it's a competition.  Witty was never a competition, but that's how we have ALL made it. Yes, all of us.

But, maybe, if everyone would just SHUT UP and start supporting your fellow Witty sisters, not trying to tear them down, the old Witty would come back and we would have no problems!

And yes, I did just make a 1D quote, because I want to get my point across.  

This quote does not exist.

I love beating women

To the door so I can hold it open for them

Stop and think back for a moment

Back to when you were in 5th grade. You couldn't even picture yourself where you are now. So look at yourself now. How much have you changed since you were in 5th grade?

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