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I'm not a mathematician, but I'm 

Smart enough to know yhu + me
 = the perfect equation. And if we 
Ever have a problem, I know we 
Could solve it<3

I'm tired of being your backup plan 
  I'm Done.

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 Fall apart. Start again.
Fall apart. Start again
 Fall apart. Start again.
 Fall apart. Start again.
 Fall apart. Start again.


The world is your stage


Super White Girl Problems #375
Being hit on by black



Directioners, I suggest you read. It's worth it.

Want to know what scares me? What scares me is one day when I'm older, have my own place, I'm going

to be packing my old room, packing away everything I own. All the clothes, toys, photos, memories in a

box. Then I face my walls; the walls covered with 5 boys who changed my life. 5 boys who saved so

many lives, brought smiles to thousands of faces, sold out arenas in record time, those 5 boys who made

thosands of girls feel beautiful for 3 minutes and 20 something seconds. Those memories flash by my

head; The Brit Awards, SNL/ICarly, the fights, the love, the laughs, the inside jokes no one but us and the

boys will ever understand, the hate towards managment, the freak outs, the tears, the smiles would all

come back to me. Their CD's that went Gold, Platinum, those CD's that we waited for, counted down the

days, the seconds, stood on line in the freezing cold/hot weather. It was all worth it. The bashing towards

haters, the hate we would send whenever anyone said something awful about one of the boys, their

family, friends or girlfriends. The screenshots from facebook of the stupid Directionaters who only knew

about WMYB. Those memories playing like a movie, tears falling from my face. I would take all the

posters, magazines that they were in, their CD's, and all of their merchandise I would have. All of it would

be in it's own special box, a special place in my heart, life and soul. One day in the future when I'm

married and have kids, I'll find that box and look through it. My kids might ask me what I'm looking at or

why I'm crying, but I'll just shake my head. They would never understand it. Understand how much one

boy band could ever change my life, make me beyond dedicated, bring so many friends from around the

world together to share their love for those 5 boys. I would say to my kids that it's nothing, close and the

box and continue with my life, but a part of me, no matter how old, will remember my younger years of

fangirling over them. Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn. The 5 boys who changed lives for the better. No

matter how old, where I am, I will ALWAYS be a directioner. And I am honored to say that I will always

be on till the day I die. ♥ ♥ ♥

I would really love to have a witty email pen-pal. We would talk almost every day, and we would become good friends :)

A little about me; I’m 14 and live in victoria, Australia. my life pretty much revolves around the hunger games I like giving advice, and often ask people for advice

My interests are music and the hunger games (yeah, I’m a HUGE fan ;)

Comment me your email address and I’ll send you an email soon! :)




                                  Chapter 6 "Reality"

            At the back of my mind, there sat a memory of someone, and I couldnt really figure out why he was there, but I couldnt stop thinking about Kevin. It was weird because youd think id be concentrated on getting over Adam, but it just, didnt seem to matter to me as much as it did before. I just, kept wondering how Kevin was, and what he was doing. So, I fallowed my curiosity and texted him, which turned out to be a great idea.

            Kevin became my best friend. Although we havent had the chance to hang out, I feel a connection with him that runs deeper then just a "friendship". I trust him and always have. His wisdom always seems to help me.

            November 13, was a terrible day for both of us. I woke up and as far as i knew all was well, it was going to be a good day. I had my usual good morning text from Kevin, although there was a second text from him? He was worried, concerned about his best friend. See, his best friend Jason worked with him at a car dealership. However, Jason was late, and not answering his phone? I continued to reassure kevin that everything was okay, he was probably just sleeping in. Until i got a phone call, Kevin was crying. Jason was on his way to work when he got hit riding his motorcylce. He was dead.  I felt so terrible, I didnt know what I could do. I listened, as Kevin explained to be the news. I just was shocked that this had happened. Hearing him cry, was the hardest thing for me. I wish I could have taken the pain he felt away, I wanted so badly to switch him positions, so he could be happy. To fix things, to make them right would have been my one wish. However, reality doesnt work that way, and thats something I had to find out the hard way.

            Im learning now that everything happens for a reason, we should learn from our past experiences, and except all that weve been through. Going through life regretting, and hating ourselves just makes things worse. Like Kevin always told me "we have to cherish life the best that we can, because we only have so much time here." I was growing up to understand things so much more clearer, I was learning so much more about life. I found faith I never had until now. Once again, things were starting to look up, and that excited me.

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