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The birds go chirp chirp but i go murp murp....
yup my friends a werid
I've known her for years
loved her for most
she's given only tears
to my heart she plays host

Why do I stay?
Why don't I leave?
Feeling pain every day
through my heart she does cleave

She knows that I love her
I don't think that she cares
Why don't I deter,
from this love we don't share

I want to move on
but really I can't
To chase her I'm drawn
so here's where I rant

She's smart and she's funny,
she's kind; gorgeous too.
Gentle to all, except me
oh what do I do?
This quote does not exist.

Is there a limit on the appropriate amount of Mean Girls quotes to say?


I love you,
You love her,
The tears in my eyes make it all a blur,
I can't stand to see you with another girl,
If only you knew you're my whole world.

My quote, no jocking.


i guess we're done...
i dont know what i did wrong 

Some people just need a high five.
 In the face, with a shovel.


If only happy ever after's did exist♥

Format by twilightgirl995

my dad came up to me
and said...

"I pray everynight
for a boy i dont even

know.  That his

parents are perfect

that his life is beautiful

that he is smart. 

And that he is kind, funny,

respectful, a gentlemen, good

 with kids, has good manners,

is healthy, and sweet.

i want that boy to marry my beautiful daughter(:

thats right honey !
your sister."


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