Quotes added on Sunday, April 29 2012

Happy Sunday!!!!!!

I am not afraid of you.
There's nothing you can do to me that hasn't already been done before.

"I Wrote This For You"  


 of all things, why blood? Why can't it be like fairy dust or something?

nmf/follow for a follow
that smile
                   that giggle
that look
                 that talk
that body
                  that heart
that love

i fall more in love with you every day ♥


Only rainbows

after rain

the sun will always

come again


fave if you have a sister.
comment if you have a brother.
just curious. ;)
Things I want to do this summer:

Teach myself how to surf
Off is the general direction in which I wish you would f*ck. 

Format by twilightgirl995

Did you know the pigment for lipstick is made from a BUG?
Yeah, no
lipstick for me anymore.

Look at that smile.♥

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