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you are now beathing mannually.
you are thinking about the whole proccess of inhale and exhale.
I'll start, you guys finish line by line - comment. Please fave so more people will join!!

You're insecure


I'll never admit this to you though,
You had my 
{} right from the get-go


-- that moment when your so called "bestfriend" texts your ex, and you're just like;


Breathe Me
Chapter Two – Moving
As he kissed my forehead, I gave him one last look as he stared back at me with frightened eyes. My mother, tapping her foot impatiently, rolled her yells yelling out the window. “Hurry the fu*k up!” According to my dad, he didn’t take that very nicely. While he lifted his little lovely finger, that every person seems to enjoy using.

 “Take care now, I’ll see you soon.” Giving me one last hug, he let go walking back to his car.
Jumping into my mother’s car she had the radio blasting, while she took no care to storm out of the driveway. I gripped my cat in her small carrier, since she was the only animal I was able to bring with me.

After a long, boring, four hour car ride, I stomped down the hallway, flopping onto my old bedroom set. My mother, having no respect, barged right in, “Hey sweetie! Schools in one week! Are you ready?”

“Yeah..mom.” I spoke quietly staring down at my feet.

“Unpack your things! You’ll have to work for your money here; we’re not lazy like you were with your father! Here I’ll make you into a mature adult.”

I wanted to smack her. She walked out of my room, closing the door almost slamming it. I sighed to myself, pulling my laptop up close to me. I couldn’t help but barge onto face book like almost any teenager would with a broken heart, and stalk his profile page. As I browsed through all the old memories of us, it brought tears to my eyes. Like, the one time we went to watch the sunset, as he placed his arms around me, kissing me gently with those soft three words, “I love you.”

I didn’t realize I was crying until I shut down my laptop, placing it on the floor. One week until my first day of high-school. No friends, new bullies, loner. Words roamed my mind, especially the one word “Bully.” I was already known as “Scene, Punk, Goth, Emo” at my old school, would this one be worse?

Before I went off to bed I checked my phone for any unread message. Of course, there wasn’t anyway. I found myself crying to sleep, once again, this wasn’t new. It mostly became a habit, now, ever since I’ve been doing it so much, you could almost imagine it an every night process. 

O  a girl shouldn't be judged by the

size of her bra<3


I just banged my elbow on the wall.

I want to bang you on the wall...



The kids who will be asking eachother
"Why did she do it?"

Are the same ones who asked her
"Why do you exist?"




Whats your number?

I understand it's not like you call yourself
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