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The First to Apologize is the
The First to Forgive is the
The First to Forget is the

Why don't guys do those classy, gentlemanly things that they used to do for girls?

Hold the door open
Open the car door
pull out the chair
tell them they're beautiful

The world would  be a better place if guys were old fashioned.
Same goes for girls.

The worst thing about being bi
Has to be the fact that most girls aren't.
So no matter how much I like a girl,

She will NEVER feel the same.

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I'm bored and feel like doing random confessions...So for every fave I get, I'll do a confession :P  


This quote does not exist.

I want a father
That actually cares and loves
me like a Father really should♥
When you have a good heart:
You help too much.
You trust too much.
You give too much.
You love too much.
And it always seems,
You hurt the most.

That awkward moment when you're waving back to someone who's waving to the person behind you...
This quote does not exist.
When you smell like a hog, and your making liquid logs!!!
Diarrhea, Diarrhea
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