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Something i need to get through my head: if you never try you'll never know 

I deserve to bleed, to die, to scream in pain.
I deserve everything I do to myself.

On witty; noone favorites my quotes
Real life; noone likes me

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I never really experienced that feeling that whenever

i walked passed someone, my heart started beating louder

whenever I got near them.

But, when I walk passed him on

a daily basis, i feel my body quaking to the rhythym of my heart. I feel that, in that exact moment, time has stopped... 

Suddenly I wasn't in the busiest intersection in school, I wasn't surrounded by ten other people in that hallway, suddenly my heart was in my throat. And suddenly, I was all too aware that he...he was there. When I looked him in the eyes, while passing each other, I saw us, our future.


and i'll never forget it<3 

Try And
Dodge A Rain Drop

You Can't


You: You're my best friend, can you keep a secret?                           
Me: Of course                           
You: I'm in love with my best friend.(:

I don't know why they bother making ear phones with two plugs when most people i know only use one and let the other one hanging out

My Feelings?
 Oh, Don't worry about those.

No one else does.


I don't deserve help.
I don't deserve someone to talk to or vent to.
I'm a horrible monster.
I deserve to die, to bleed, to be in pain.
I don't deserve help.

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it just happened to me xD


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