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Yewe know

                                          if witty was a school you'd have perfect attendance. But you'd also get expelled for cheating by stealing other people's quotes.


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Am I the only one,

That doesn't do homework until 5 minutes before it's due?

 Comment on my profile if you have a 'Am I the only one,'


when your bestfriend
is more important than you

stupid little beeotch

I dont need you telling me how to live my life.

The difference between like, love, and in love is the same as for now, for awhile and forever.

I Just Need A Guy Friend That I can Talk To On Witty...

Not a "Boyfriend" just a guy friend I can talk to about advice... 


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i love you
then i hate you
its like i want to push you off a cliff
then run to the buttom and catch you
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