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There are no stupid questions. Just stupid People!
I wonder how many favs this would actually be if every single person of witty faved this.. O.o

The Vow was literally the best movie AFTER The Notebook...

" She doesn't even go here! " <3

Its the fall out that scares me most 
iv been through too many and i dont want to be throught any more


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If Only He Knew
Chapter 5
Carlys POV

The clock showed 6:30pm.
Me and Sarah were getting ready for the beach party. I have to admit i was pretty excited to be a normal girl.
I bet your wondering, 'how can I be normal being who i am?' Well, thanks to some hair dye and some make up i look different. My brown hair has now turned into a dirty blonde, my eyes are now blue and my face has a little bit of make up on.
I decided on putting on a bikini top that was grey, blue and white with blue shorts and blue flip flops and a few bracelets. I also grabbed a plain blue sweater into my bag incase it got cold.
Sarah on the other hand, looked like a rainbow.
She had my green bikini top on with pink shorts and orange shoes. She had her blue bag with some bracets and her yellow sweater to.
We both had our hair wavy, naturally the way it was.
We were ready to go, only one problem.
Secret service.
"Sarah, what about the agents outside?" I ask nervously.
"Ill call over some girls to hang out, plus they dont know what you look like now anyways!" she said happily and non worried.
The oppoisite of me.
Some of Sarahs friends, Kayla, Sammy and Kylie until we got back.
I was acting as kayla until we made it to our car safely.
"Have fun girls, dont turn all paparazzi on Grace" I called changing my voice.
Damn i was a good actress.
"Don't worry they wont be, have fun kayla, Sarah!" Sam spoke like me.
It was creepy.
We walked out past the agents and into Sarahs jeep.
It worked.
We arrived at the  beach around 7pm.
There were so many people here it was crazy.
Me and Sarah walked over to the drink bar and grabbed us some beers.
We both headed to the dance floor area and started dancing and drinking.
"OMG! Sarah this is so much fun!" I yelled over the music.
"I know right! I love it!" she hollered back.
Guys started to come up to us and dance behind us.
I went back to the drink bar and grabbed another beer.
I turned around to walk over to go and sit, for a break when i accidentally tripped over air and stilled my drink on someone i reconized.
"Noah? Oh my gosh i am so sorry! I tripped i didnt mean it!" I freaked out.
"Its okay no worries and who are you?" he asked suspiciously.
'Im Grace remember? Room 124?" 
How could he not remember me?
Oh right, hair and eye change.
"Grace? You look..." he stopped to think.
"Yeaah I know. Its different ahaha" i stated.
Just then my night was ruined.
Sarah ran up to me and whispered into my ear.
"There here!" She yelled.
I looked over to see paparrazi swarm the party.
She dragged me away from Noah and towards her car.

We got in and she hit the Accellerator.

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I'm just a failure.

I'm jealous.
I'm Controlling.
I'm Curious.

I'm just a caring failure.

Everyone has a photographic memory, we just don't all have the film.

The day our love began<3

Dear Witty,
                    I can't remember the last time I had enough sleep. I have to be awake in two hours, I swear I'm nocturnal. 

Love from, me. xo

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