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Only Dylan Saunders can get away

With saying: "Ow, it's cold"


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everyone told me i smiled more
Apparently, I was starstruck.
I would get this look on my face, like,
"Is this for real?"
and apparently i wasn't wrong.
he left me without a second thought.


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Nobody's Perfect:

Chapter 24
 I quietly opened my phone, and took off the brightness for he wont see the bright from my phone.
I heard footsteps so I put my phone away quickly and acted like I was sleeping.
He came down the basement, and he walked slowly and he whispered "I'm going to hurt her"
He went back upstairs, and I was terrified.
I should have NEVER came in this house, or even met him.
But he's just so cute, I couldn't help it but say hi.
I texted Kevin, 
"What do you want?A reward?"
"No.." I put my phone down,
"Now everyone hates me..."
I sighed, and closed my eyes holding back my tears.
My phone rang, and I forgot to put it on silent.
"Oh sh*t" I whispered 
I put it on silent, and Marc came down quickly.
"What was that?" He hollered
"It was my mom" I lied,
"YOUR MOM IS DEAD." He screamed even liar.
He grabbed my phone and looked through the messages.
He had an angry expression on his face
I gulped, and he threw my phone the ground really hard,
He pulled me out of the closet, and said
"This is a warning. Don't do it again"
I apologized, and he said "No phone for two days"
He picked it up off the ground, and put it in his pocket and walked away.
I was shaking so bad, and I wanted out.
Lauren came down when he fell asleep, two hours later.
She stroked my hair back, and whispered
"Are you okay?" I whispered back, "Yes" still shaking
"I know how he is. He beat me,too."
"Are you his girlfriend?" 
"No, ex. He makes me clean, like I'm his maid."
"I had to go to the hospital because he beat me so hard."
"I was in a coma, for two days!"
My mouth dropped,
"We need to get out of here, soon"
"I tried that plently of times."
"Never worked"
I took my hair out of my eyes, "Well, we will find a way out"
Lauren looked at me, and I whispered
"Anyone else in here?"
"No, just me"
"And you" she added.
I opened up my purse quietly, and got out some M&M's from earlier.
I gave them to her,
"Keep them, you're starving I bet"
"Thank you" 
She ate them quickly, and I whispered "Do you have a phone?"
"He took it away from me a long time ago"
"Does he work all the time? I whispered
"He works at the swimming pool, downtown; Every day."
"I have a plan, go get some sleep. Tomorrow morning I will wake you up when he leaves to work"
"Okay" She said quietly.
She walked upstairs, and went in her room.
She made it safely, and I fell asleep quickly.
"This will be a good plan"


Theres so much I want to say
But Im so scared to give away
Every little secret that I hide behind
Would you see me differently?
And would that be .such...a bad thing
I wonder what it would be like
If I told you♥
This quote does not exist.

 lonely is hard to survive. 
I don't care if you're a girl, guy, fat, skinny, straight or gay, if you make good quotes I'll follow you; If you tell me to follow you in a quote I probably won't.
Liam: Unfortunately Niall cannot have babies, cause he doesn't have a... y'know. He's got a.... Y'know.


Where the hell is -

oh there it is.


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