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who's ever wondered why
in math class the x and y are always together?
it's because in real life
we look at out ex and go


You know you're a witty addict when...
- Spend numerous hours daily on the site
- Choose witty over sleep
- Think of quotes to put on witty throughought the day
- Actually write down those quotes
- In regular conversation, you keep referring back to witty
- Start using quotes you read on witty to friends and family
- Are looking at this and nodding

There's  A Difference Between Having A Big Butt And Actually Being Pretty.
This quote does not exist.


you only die once...
so make it epic



Format credit to ThatsSoMee/Credit to OneDirection

Shoot me down, But i wont fall, Im Titanium <3

So this girl i know was like omg i love one direction and i was like who do you like? n she's like im a massive directioner and i like niall but all the other guys are ugly and im lyk b*tch please stuff you all the other guys are gorgeous aswell and if u cant appreciate them for who they are your not a directioner so stuff you and shut the F*ck up!!! she hasnt spoken to me since...
Format by Sandrasaurus

all of your problems will eventually go away if you will allow them to. So let the good things shine through and embrace your life. 



Everyone has that
' make the other person sound incredibly stupid '
voice when describing an argument.
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