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They say that there's always that friend who never knows    what's going on; In our group I haven't noticed anything of  the sort.   ☺                                                                       
Have you ever felt like EVERYONE is gone? like NO ONE cares? Like you are being replaced EVERYWHERE? please say yes. I just want to know that I'm not the only one that feels like there is nothing. i just want it all to be over. I started this school year with 2 best friends we did everything together. we went everywhere together and told eachother everything. but now it seems like they both turned against me and replaced me with someone else. and my best guy friend i could go to whenever i needed someone has totally changed. he gets mad at me for the smallest things and i never know when he is mad and i dont know what to do anymore. but the wost part is thinking i have been replaced by my best friend ever. she is the only one that knows everything about me and it seems like she is even avoiding me now. so where do i go when i have no one left? because i can't seem to figure that out or how i get there.
She says it's whatever, not to worry, that

she'll be okay

When secrelty breaking inside

Is it sad that I litterally cry when I want to take another chance on a guy?

I only cry though because my heart has been through so much pain, it has suffered through everything and its tired of getting hurt. Im so scared, so I cry. 




11:11 comes twice a day.

Because everyone deserves a second chance.

I'll fake a smile,
I'll hold my head high

I won't let you see what I'm feeling inside.

But then I'll cry,
And try to hide

All I want to do is say goodbye.


*gets pulled over*

Cop: I will need to know your date of birth.

Me: January 20th.

Cop: What year?

Me: Every year.

Cop: Well played.




I wish
i didn't get
attached to people

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