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Everything's so

I think... I'm gonna go cry now. 'Cause I'm just in that kind of mood.

I'm tired of being

Second Best..

 Why do care so much when you don't ?

Daily Secret #1

I've always had feelings for the same boy since freshman year. && He thinks my ex got me over him...
Little does he know, I've always had a soft spot for him even though I still have some feelings for my ex and I'll never forget anything about him<3


And I know that no matter how mad he gets me I will still do everything I can for him, because thats just how special he is. Thats just what he means to me. 

This quote does not exist.

Koopa trooper: King bowser, i've built the perfect super-ray gun! We'll surely catch mario this time!
King Bowser: FOOL!
King Bowser: More bullets with angr faces! more bullets with angry faces!
You know your sister has seriously mental issues when she takes pleasure in repeatedly zapping flies with the electric flyswatter and cackling evilly every time sparks shoot out of the poor creatures.

baby grind on me.

relax your mind, take your time on me.

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