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Difference between her and I?
I would do anything for you. 
She would do anything with you. 



like this post if u have.............



Am I the only girl who wouldn't mind making a sandwich for her guy?   

I'm not being a hypocrite, I just care more about you than I do about myself.

don't know me.



I don't get why I try. You don't care, so why should I? I'm so sick of being the only who shows any sign of emotion and that's just the way you are. I'm pretty sure this isn't the way a friendship is supposed to work. I'm getting so sick and tired and fed up of everything and everyone. I just can't freaking stand the world somedays, and somedays, I'm thankful and happy. I'm just freaking screwed up in the head. I ask, you get mad. You ask me, I don't want to answer and it's the end of the world. For once, why can't things be the way they're supposed to be? Jeez.

i just want to go to sleep and not wake up!!!!!!!!! fml!!!!!!!

He died for you.
 Respect the name of GOD.


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