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How convinient.
I am sick. It feels like I've been swallowing sandpaper, and there's so much pressure in my sinuses that I can feel it in my teeth and eyeballs and it's like they are being pushed out of my face. Timing could not have been worse. I am going to a concert on Saturday. That means if I am not better in two days, I will be coughing and sneezing all over a few hundred people and will probably cause my head to explode. I am going to that concert and I am going to have a motherf**king good time no matter what and I will sing every single word at the top of my lungs and mosh furiously, but it would be so much better if I could just get well by then. Unfortunately you can't cure a cold and there is very little effective treatment for symptoms so I guess I'll just keep clenching my teeth and pushing my eyeballs back into my head and drinking water and eating soup and hating everything.

I miss my ex. I dont miss being with him, I just miss hanging out with him. I think he feels the same way because lately we've been hanging and talking a lot more. 

I want my boyfriend to be jealous.

~ Just need to vent~
I'm tired of meeting someone new,
because  you  see,
everyone always wants to be the one:
to make the "weird girl" with the trust issues,
trust them, and after a while it slowly works,
and as soon as you're almost there,
they just don't care.
They leave, just like everyone before them.
Of course that would be my fault,
because only I would be so stupid to fall for it,
every-single-time, time and time again.

365 Days
Chapter 30

Amanda tried on all of her outfits, and she only had to return one. Connor didn't have to return any, and I was next. I knew my dad wasn't going to let me keep my Bob Marley shirt, so I hid it. In the end, I only wasn't aloud to keep one thing, one of my shirts that said 'drunk as sh*t' and I was ok with that, because I could buy it later by myself. I could tell that Scar's mother didn't like me. She was super nice to Connor and Amanda, but she was harsh on me, calling all my outfits, 'Inapropriate for a young lady' I just wanted to deck her. I don't think anyone has gotten to me faster. Dad sent us upstairs to make a quick snack because he had to go to his home office to do work. We only had four more days and then Scar, Sarah, and Alex would be home. I ran upstairs and cuddled Clide under my batman blanket. I had thrown my hair up in a bun, and I was listening to music. Amanda came knocking on my door so I told her to come in.
"What are you doing?" She asked
"Nothing, hanging with Clide." I said hugging him tighter.
"Wanna take a walk?" She asked.
I nodded my head and put on some uggs. We asked Connor if he wanted to come, and he said no, so we left.
Well we were walking down the road, two boys came riding up on bikes.
"Hey Manda." One said
"Hey Jake." She said back, waving
"Having a fun summer?" He asked
"Yeah, meeting new family, pretty interesting. You?" She asked
"I'm doing good. See you when school starts." He said smiling and riding away.
I bumped Amanda's shoulder and smiled.
"I think someone Likes you."


Guy: You're beautiful.
Shouldn't your pants be on fire or something?
Dumb picture but, I'm 15 now. So I guess I should have a picture of me as a 15 yearold. :)
Dear High School Teachers,
I know that finals are coming up.. but it doesn't mean that you should start cramming us with so many projects,essays,and packets.. that are all due on the same exact date. I just want a social life again...
no one goes looks back on their life and remembers those nights that you got plenty of sleep :)

God, I hate math class.

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