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Dear Tv Movies,
                                        I Hate When It Starts Getting To The Good Parts And You Fade To A Commercial  Fav If You Think That To.

Eat Dirt
What doesn't kill you
Makes you sick
And if your sick,
You learn a lesson.
ANd with every lesson,
You get wiser

So much wiser


You have to understand that people  change.

Some for the better, others for the worst.

*On Omegle*
Stranger : I'm Steve
Me: OMG! Steve!? Like the Steve that created witty?! Omfg! I praise you!
Stranger: .... Wth are you talking about?

*Day before test*
mom: do you have any tests this week?
me: umm...No (have tests everyday of the week)
mom: ok.
*week after you take tests; get good grades..must tell mom!*
me: MOM! i got A's on all my tests!
mom: Good job sweetie! *awkward pause* wait when did you have tests?
me: oh i had a test everyday last week..
mom: did you study?
me: ya of course! (psh who even studys these days?!)
mom: oh ok watever..
   *Fav if you've ever had a convo with your parents before lol*

The Computer Insident Part One
The following story isn't true...

Me: What's up?
Friend: Nothing...
Me: ... Really...?
Friend: Y-yeah, heh heh.
Me: You know I can tell when your lying, right?
Friend: FINE! I hate my life!
Me: Why?
Friend: ...
Me: You gonna tell me, or...?
Friend: Me computer died! Nooo!
Me: So?
Friend: So? SO?! How can you say so?!
Me: Well...
Friend: You know, for a friend, your really heartless...
Me: :) Thank you.

Sometimes two people have

to fall apart to

realize how much they need to

fall back together

We have 5 fingers for a reason:
pinky: To make promises towards our friends
ring: For that special person
middle: To flip off those who go against me
pointer: To point towards my friends and make them shine
thumb: To encourage every person that deserves it

How can i love
when im afriad to fall
-Christina Perri


its moments like this that make me question whats reality, and whats a fantisy,... but you bring back, and make everything clear...you always know what to say, what to do, and how to make me okay. its moments like this that make me question why i ever thought soneone could be better for me than you...
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