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*Louis prank calling Zayn*
Zayn: Hello?
Zayn: Hi Louis

Guys and there mixed siginals... i mean really guys come on now we arent on 90210.!
I really hate guys that are like that.. -_-

Can you just explain to me
how someone could be capable of just leaving

like it wouldn't hurt a n y o n e ?

Me: Mom, you're yelling at people through the television.

Mom:You're in love with a boy band who don't even know you exist.




Mom: Why are you crying? It was a joke.

No Patrick,
Mayonaise is not in intrument

i love spongebob :)

Confession #15

I am stuck on future careers and im always feeling presured because the teachers are always saying you only have one more year of school you better do good. At the moment i really want to be an actress. But i also wanna be a nurse and i wanna be able to travel around the world or even teach english aboard. I'm scared to death to graduate!

So He's Kinda been creeping on my witty because of Curiosity I don't really belive that but okay, We're talking again even though I'm like In major flirt mode over here(: Really Hoping I can be his again<3 The only man who ever made me feel wanted<3 He gave me the deffinition of Love, He puts a smile on my face in my hardest times, He's been there for me. Jacob I know your gonna see this so I have a few personal things to say to you(: 
If your gonna creep go ahead and make a witty it'll make things a lot easier for ya!(: Your eyes are the most beautiful things on this freaking Earth(: I also promise I won't hurt you I love you to dang much and I know how it feels to be without you and let me tell you I felt so Empty. I Don't want to lose your face. And that other girl I really hope she falls out of the picture cause I am about to have to take a permanent marker to her face and mark her out because No One can love you as much as I do(: Just keep that in mind(:

Excuse me, but who are you and what have you done with my best friend? Because you're clearly not her.

"<3" For random stuff of the day(: !

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