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But I'm staring at you now
There's no one else around
I'm thinking you're the girl for me

I'm just saying it's fine by me
If you never leave
And´╗┐ we can live like this forever
It's fine by me

I love you Trevor , more than anything♥ 11/11/11 Forever and ever babe:')

Song; Fine by me. By Andy Grammer ( Aka Our song:'D )
Some people are like slinkies.

Not Really good for much but put a smile on your face when pushed down the stairs ;D

I have no right to complain  
because there are millions
of others who are suffering
much more than I am.


I 'm  free o f  all prejudice,
I hate everyone equally.

The hardest part of acting like you don't care,
is knowing how much you actually do.


I support 
Love & Miss you♥


This quote does not exist.
For every <3 I'll give you a reason to smile...
You make me wish i had more middle fingers :)

Boys Are Someday Gonna Realize That They Will Never Find Someone Like You

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