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killed my happiness .
         killed    my   self    esteem,    


Kiled my trust.  



only care about being on the phone and  

being on the computer 

So when that's taken away from them its like the end of the


- Miley Cyrus

me: that's not true! *has been

on witty all day*

I'm going to tell you my story about my Freshman year Homecoming. This is all true.

It started after Anime night (Otaku club at the library) at 9 in the cafeteria. I was hanging out with my friends. A lot of people were dressed up even though it was supposed to be casual. Me, I'm wearing a 3/4 hoodie, tank top, and black mini skirt. The cheerleaders ran to the bathrooms to change and my friend Brenna and I were dancing to the Time Warp. Yeah we're dumb. I found my other friends and they weren't dressed up and I was relieved that I wasn't the only one not in my casual wear. Anne and Jenna dragged me from one side of the cafeteria to the other to take pictures of us. I took them. I walked back in and found my cousin, Andrew dancing like an idiot. I tried getting his attention but, failed when he elbowed me in the face.
I ended up crying on Ariana's jeans, my head on her lap and tears falling from my eyes. She was bored and told me she was going to the courtyard. I followed. She met up with her friend, Samantha and they held hands for a while. My eyes locked onto what was going on with Brenna and Andrew. Brenna was gaping and then she nodded. I was EXTREMELY confused. Matt, Brenna's step-brother, and his girl-friend Chelcie(she's his ex now) came over with a camera. 
"What's going on here?" he asked, with a derp-face.
"I just asked out your sister," Drew answered.
I smiled and started to bug them about their cutesy new relationship and Brenna told me to go away so I did.
I saw that Ariana was sucking face with a guy and I was alone with no one to hang out with. Well, that was until Samantha approached me.
"Hi," she said. "You're Nathan's cousin, right?" Nathan was my other cousin, the one who didn't go to homecoming.
I nodded. "Yeah," I answered.
"I'm Sam," she noted.
"I'm Brie," I added.
"Ariana's mine," she said, frowning. I saw what she was looking at. Ariana and her boyfriend kissing.
"I'm forever alone," I bit my lip.
Her finger interlocked with mine. "Let's dance?" she asked.
I smiled at her. "Sure."
So we ended up dancing for an hour or so and we walked into the lobby, hand-in-hand.
I don't remember exactly what we were talking about, but I remember her saying she was part black.
I had candy in my hoodie pocket from Anime night so, I started eating them. We walked back into the cafeteria and we weren't very happy about the lovey-dovey couples.
"They make me uncomfortable," she sighed.
"Makes me lonely," I added.
She was looking for someone. Her ex, Michael. She wanted to dance with him but, he wasn't there. Neither was her boyfriend.
"Hey, just wondering," she said, in a awkward tone. "Are you bi?" I nodded. "Good."
"Why?" I asked.
"Just because," she smiled. "I need someone to kiss."
My heart skipped a few beats. I laughed nervously as she dragged me to the dance floor and stared into my eyes. Before I knew it, she was making out with me and I just stood there. 
She told me she'd be back because she had to go to the bathroom. I walked back to the courtyard for some fresh air. Jenna saw me and she had her friend, Cheyenne with her.
"Are you and her going out?" Cheyenne asked.
"No," I stated. "She's going out with someone else."
"Who?" Jenna asked.
I told them and their eyes widened.
"Well, Good luck!" Cheyenne said, skipping away.
I went back inside the cafeteria to Sam who was looking for me. She interlocked her hands with mine and sighed.
"Kiss me back this time?" she asked, she giggled.
"You caught me off guard," I laughed, nervously.
She went in for the kiss again and I kissed her back, again and again and again. When we pulled away, I noticed Marshall, my best-friend, wearing a Zoot-suit. A yellow, pin-striped zoot-suit. That made me smile even more.
At the end of Homecoming, Sam and I ended up kissing 10 times, which seemed like a hundred times. I was "high" from all of the excitement of that night for weeks. 
THAT was back in October. It's Late May, and I still remember her kiss. I remember how it felt. How it tasted. Fruity.♥

A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice.

I can remeber everything
I did as a little kid
but I cant remember what I had for dinner..


format credit to OneDirection

Teacher: By all this talking, I assume you're all done
Me: By all this complaining, i assume you're still single

Hey Directioners 

Shut the HELL up.

sorry, not sorry.

Really. I'm fine; don't worry about me.
You're too good to have to worry about my being messed up. 

Credit: GreenDinosaurFormats

Life is like a box a chocolates, like fat people, it doesnt last very long.

this quote has no offense to fat people.

There comes a day when turning the page is the best feeling in the world.

-Zayn Malik.

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