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Oh, how Cute.
You think I'm going to get offended when you call One Direction gay.



Not So Sweet Dreams
Chapter 16


     Cassie and I discovered bruises all over us. We both had black eyes, and deep purple bruises on our stomaches, arms, and legs. Cassie had far more than me. Because she got the worst of my fathers wrath.
     Because I wasn't aloud back home, I spent most nights with Cassie, sneaking in through her windows, and leaving when her alarmclock went off.
     Cassie and I became, yet again, even more closer since our attack. We were literally inseperable.
     My dad called and texted and left messages all the time. I chose to ignore them. I didn't care if he apologized. He hated me anyways and what he did to Cassie was unforgivable.
    "Please, call him." Cassie said "You've been extra miserable since it happened, and I'm not so mad." She made her sad pitiful face. I could never refuse to this.
    "Oh," I complained "but, well, o-okay."
    I dialed his number, listened to it ring for a moment, and he answered.
    "Come home, dumba**! And don't bring that Cassie girl! She is a b____ and trouble! Anyways your bad enough! I don't want you seeing her anymore!"
    "I'll see her all I want To!" I screamed "And I'm not coming home, and trust me! You'll never see Cassie again!!!! You-You Dumb A**!" I hung up.
    I paced around the room. I kicked my bookbag against the wall. I couldn't stand him!
    Cassie finally spoke, "Clearly! Your not happy."
    I continued pacing back and forth in the room, saying exactly what he told me.
    She had a dazed look in her hazel eyes. Then she looked at me and grinned, "I know how to get back at him."
    "What? I'll do anything." I said sitting on my knees in front of her.


    She leaned back on her bed and patted the space left next to her. I smiled, we planned on this a long time ago, we just couldn't decide when. But no one was home. Perfect timing.

    I got my protection out of my bag. I layed down next to Cassie. And so then came our revenge, our sweet, sweet revenge. If you know where I'm getting at.

Psst. They are doing what Kendall and Matt did, about 17 years ago.


Who am I kidding?
He doesn't really care..



                                                i've always wanted to be the guy on 

man vs. food

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Maybe sometimes you guys do hurt my feelings, I just cant bring myself to tell you.

That awkward moment when your best friend tells you he's in love with you and you dont know what to do....

when u are walking
and trip over when u see him

Bloodshot eyes,
Tear stained cheeks
an hour in the bathroom
felt like a week

Watching Blue's Clues 
At 12am !!!
This Brings Me Back 

Whether it's...


Hakuna Matata



They all mean the same thing.

Live your life to the fullest.

Take chances. Live life the way

you feel it should be lived. You

only have one life. Don't regret

a single thing.

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